Which is Better: Blogger or WordPress?

Which is Better: Blogger or WordPress?

If you want to create a blog just for fun or only want to spread or share your thoughts among the peoples all over internet then you can go with blogger as it is free platform in this platform you will get free hosting as well as domain these both (hosting and domain) are provided by google but if you want to take in as a business or want to make money from your blog you should go with WordPress it is a paid platform because here you have to buy hosting and domain.

which is better blogger or wordpress
which is better blogger or wordpress

Here i am not personally saying you to choose wordpress because i am also running this blog on blogger because it is free to use and if you also don’t have extra money to invest in blogging or want to take experience of blogging you can use blogger.

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Blogger vs WordPress

Why are there two available platforms? A popular WordPress blog website template uses a blogging platform called WordPress. As opposed to this, if you want to launch a blogging website, then choose Blogger platform. Both the platforms offer decent features and you may choose whichever platform you find more convenient for your blog. However, WordPress platform is better, particularly if you want to have a high traffic blog. A WordPress blog is much easier to manage because it does not require any expertise to manage it. High traffic blogs do not necessarily need any kind of user interface for their management and the Blogger platform does not offer anything more than basic features.

Blogger Pros

Not Like WordPress, Blogger is affordable. A yearly plan starts from $4.99/month. Very good speed. Easy to set up. One of the most user-friendly platforms around. Huge variety of themes available. No ads, etc. Highly customizable. Good SEO tools. Sharing capabilities. Works well with phone and tablet (e-ink works well for me). Blogger Cons Few developers working on the platform. There are multiple issues and issues with widgets, etc. Developers working on the platform. There are multiple issues and issues with widgets, etc. Tons of plugins to use (if you use plugins, you are like most of the blog owners). The Blogger Platform The Blogger platform is currently the largest blogging platform used by everyone who want to create a blog.

Blogger Cons

You have to think about customization First, you have to write all content (and images) from scratch in the Blogger platform. Secondly, you will have to write in basic HTML. Your options for customization is limited. Third, your customization options are based on coding languages like PHP, ASP.net, JavaScript, CSS and AJAX (not all of these are supported in all browsers). You have to think about customizing the navigation bar, inserting stylesheets, images, PHP, ASP.net, etc. It’s difficult to use Another disadvantage is that it’s difficult to use. Blogger has very limited customization options and it’s even more difficult to use than WordPress. I heard good things about WordPress You can use WordPress for your blog in a few ways: You can register on WP.

WordPress Pros

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems in the world. It is available for almost any platform including Windows, OS X and Linux. WordPress has more than 14 million installations and that’s by far the largest CMS in the world. WordPress also comes with many add ons to enhance its features and make it more scalable and interactive. WordPress supports third party plugins to increase its power. WordPress is also completely free to use. WordPress is more robust in nature. WordPress has a modern, friendly, user interface. WordPress is user friendly and anyone can learn to develop a blog on it. WordPress is open source. There are already thousands of blogs on WordPress. WordPress is compatible with different devices, like smart phones and tablets.

which is better blogger or wordpress
which is better blogger or wordpress

WordPress Cons

WordPress is heavy and you will need to invest in a CMS or theme development tools to make WordPress website look as nice as a Blogger website. WordPress is no “feature” – you will have to learn a few things on how to make a WordPress website look as nice as a Blogger website. WordPress, no easy way of making money from your WordPress blog – not even remotely. If you want to make money from your blog then you have to make your blog look beautiful or else you will not be able to attract traffic to your website and get any kind of income out of it. Wanna make money out of your Blog? You should start creating awesome websites. You can make money from all kind of websites – you just have to invest in a good content writing tool.


There is no big or long debate about which platform is better between Blogger and WordPress. Both are great and are useful if you are trying to launch a blog for the first time, or if you are a WordPress WordPress user looking to switch to the Blogger platform. Blogger is a good platform for writing blogs. However, WordPress is better for growing your blog and making money through it. For a well-rounded blogging experience, go with WordPress.

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