Which Is Better For Ranking Blogger Or WordPress

Which Is Better For Ranking Blogger Or WordPress?

Here I am going to tell you about which is better for ranking blogger or wordpress so firstly i want to clear you that here in this post i am not affiliated with any program and i a going to share my personal experience with you and i am also going to tell you that this blog is running on free platform which is blogger so to know my personal experience you have to read the blog carefully.

What is Blogger? – which is better for ranking blogger or wordpress

Blogger is a service offered by Google, you sign up for free and use it to create a blog. WordPress, on the other hand, is a platform that has grown a lot and is used by businesses and developers to make websites that can be optimized for SEO. The difference is that WordPress is free and Blogger is paid, which could make your blog be affected by your blogging strategy. How Are SEOs Reacted to this Change?


Why Blogger – which-is-better-for-ranking-blogger-or-wordpress

Google is also considering discontinuing the premier account tier and moving to a free service, so it could even get worse for website owners and SEOs, who are already feeling the pinch. However, I think it will be a positive change for many people, especially if they can land a free gig. If you want to know more about Blogger, read this article.

There are many advantages of blogging on Blogger. For one, there are a huge number of WordPress users. Google follows and indexes a lot of content on WordPress. That’s a good thing because they want people to search and find your content. WordPress is a free platform and has free plugins.

What is WordPress? – which is better for ranking blogger or wordpress

WordPress is a blogging platform that is quite popular and that continues to grow in popularity. This platform allows you to have a lot more control over your website than a Blogger platform. It also has more flexibility in terms of plugins and other functions. WordPress has also built in back-up protection as well as website optimizers to help with search engine optimization. There are even themes that can make your WordPress website look similar to another site. The Pros and Cons of Blogger and WordPress The most obvious advantage of using a platform such as Blogger is the fact that your site doesn’t disappear should you leave. If your content is stored on the Blogger platform, it’s still there for your future visitors to read.

Why WordPress? – which is better for ranking blogger or wordpress

There’s no denying that WordPress is an extremely popular platform for bloggers and self-publishers. With the huge popularity of WordPress, this creates a whole different set of issues. The most important one being: the inability for someone who isn’t a passionate WordPress user to upgrade to a new version. Not to mention, if you want to hire someone to help you grow your business, you’ll have to shell out more cash to pay them to do so. These 2 Are Intertwined Whether you’re promoting on Google, or running a website and posting on social media, SEO is critical to your success. If you’re still considering your options, or if you haven’t made the switch to WordPress, you can use this guide to learn all the ins and outs of both platforms. So, Which Is Better For SEO?

Differences in ranking – which is better for ranking blogger or wordpress

Here are a few key differences between blogger and WordPress SEO. Notifications on Google The biggest ranking factor when using Google to rank your site is it’s direct link to Google. In blogger you will not receive notifications on Google with regards to your site’s rank. Google will send these alerts to the site owner when there’s been any change to their site’s SEO position. You also won’t receive emails about your stats with Google as you would if you used WordPress. Content Style Bloggers generally put a greater focus on content which is generally more engaging. You will see that bloggers tend to write more in depth posts than WordPress users.

Conclusion – which is better for ranking blogger or wordpress

The competition is fierce and this one comes down to personal preference. WordPress is a great platform for blogging, and many companies choose to write their own theme for their websites, allowing them to get custom content when users request it. On the other hand, Blogger is the most popular blog platform, and one of the most visited, with a massive site directory and over a billion hits per day.

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