why is conversion rates optimization important

why is conversion rates optimization important

SEO (search engine optimization) is an evolving strategy that has over the years lost its focus in attempts to drive traffic through higher rankings through Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

As these goals are of exceptional importance, it is just as vital not to lose sight of the end goal of all these efforts: conversion. While developing an SEO strategy, conversion rates optimization should be at the center of your concerns if you want to generate the most success from your efforts.

why is conversion rates optimization important
why is conversion rates optimization important

By combining SEO and conversion rates optimization, you will not only be able to drive massive traffic to your website, but you will do so in a way that the visitors who come to the site actually take action as soon as they arrive. To do that, all you need to do is change the way you see your strategy and put in place an effort that will benefit both conversion rates optimization and search engine optimization. The result can be astounding.

To make sure you’re on the right track, start by making sure you know what you’re talking about. It starts with knowing what SEO and conversion optimization really are.

SEO is a strategy in which certain steps are taken so that the design and content of a website gives the best possible (unpaid) search results. Everything from the general appearance to text, images and a number of “behind the scenes” components can be changed in order to generate the best search results on Google, Bing and more. Conversion rates optimization involves changes to a website to ensure that visitors who arrive there will be converted to customers before they leave. Whether it’s a purchase through a commercial portion of the site, a phone call to place an order or an appointment, or encouraging a buyer to visit a physical store, the key is to convert traffic into customers.

The power of combining these two types of optimization lies in being able to enjoy the best of both worlds. First, you’ll bring the targeted leads to your website, and then they’ll be able to see the elements that have been put in place to convert those leads into customers. After all, it’s not very helpful to show people around the website if they don’t do anything when they’re there.

Unfortunately, as simple as it sounds, the combination of SEO and conversion rates optimization is too often overlooked, resulting in a huge missed opportunity. The best decision that can be made for a website would be to grab this opportunity and stick with it.

This is how it works. You bring traffic through SEO and convert traffic through usage conversion rates optimization.

Unfortunately, some rushing to conversion rates optimization just don’t get it. They think, “Gah! SEO? Dude who died. No, no, you need conversion rates optimization! “

Hmm. No, you need both.

There must be a close alliance between Search engine optimization and conversion rates optimization

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