Why my blog is not showing on google

Why my blog is not showing on google?

Hello today i am here to solve the problem “Why my blog is not showing on google?” it’s a major problem that come’s to almost all the bloggers during their beginning now i am directly going to the topic that why your blog is not showing on google even you search name of your blog and you are also unable to find any of your post while searching the same topic on google. This all is happening because you are beginner you have created your website from only 1 to 2 months so your website or pages are not currently indexed on google That is why your blog is not showing on google.

Why my blog is not showing on google
Why my blog is not showing on google

How to get indexed your blog or pages

Now i am going to tell you about How to get indexed your blog or pages in google. To index your website/blog in google you have to submit your website in google search console after that you have to submit your website URL or your Posts URL in google search console and put it in the ques of indexing so that your post will get indexed soon your post will take 1 day to one month to get indexed on google after you add it in the ques.

Now I know there is a lot of blogging competition out there in the lifestyle design world. Most bloggers focus on the same subjects as I do and get a lot of traffic and even awards for it (remember the 45 awards I won?). But I find that the majority of my readers see my blog as a blog that covers lifestyle design or personal development, and not about another topic or hobby.

Why are my blog readers not showing up?

What I am finding is that most of my readers do not even try to show up on google. They go to my blog by other means, like signing up with my newsletter (also to keep me up to date about what is happening in their lives and keep my blog updated), or by seeing something that they like on my blog in the sidebars (like their favorite foods), or other areas (like videos or photo galleries).

If my blog is getting good traffic and showing up in front of other people’s eyes and they like it, then why don’t they click on the link to my blog from that specific web search?

The answer to this question really comes down to many things. My blog has not really been updated very often lately, and it is only showing up on blog search engines (not google). This means that there are not many blogs out there that I am showing up in front of with just one or two blogs in front of me.

Why my blog is not showing on google
Why my blog is not showing on google

When I find that I have a bunch of blogs showing up in front of me when I search on google, I realize that I am not showing up for some of my readers. This seems strange to me, and to many others, especially the newer readers of my blog.

My blog has had over 12,000 unique visitors to my blog since the start of this year (Feb. 2016), but only about 500 of those visitors show up on google. Most of the time, it seems that the more readers you have, the more likely you are to show up in the search engines. But the reason why my blog has not shown up to so many of my readers is that I am not showing it in front of their eyes (or google or myspace).

So in order to get the traffic that I am showing my blog in front of, I need to show my blog in front of the eyes of more readers. I have started to see some improvements over the last few months, so I am hoping to get the traffic back to show me that more people are reading it.

I hope that you will join me in showing your blog in front of more readers. I love seeing what you have to say and thinking that my blog has some great content.

Or I can just say “hello” on twitter, or write a blog on blogger or my personal blog, or post it to Facebook (which is a whole different subject).

And I know that my blog is not showing up for most readers and viewers because I have not spent as much time creating a blog that is showing in front of others. This is something that I am going to be changing soon.

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